Loa âm trần EuroShine CSL-611K và CSL-611TKS

 The rear loudspeaker EuroShine CSL-611K và CSL-611TKS high-end ceiling speaker is sealed, the diaphragm is made of high-molecular substance that can prevent dust particles from pollution.

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Loa âm trần EuroShine CSL-611K và CSL-611TKS: Tính năng sản phẩm

- 30W working power delivers a variety of tunes

- High frequency response, providing clear sound level frames

- High-end ceiling speaker EuroShine CSL-611K và CSL-611TKS  is easier and more efficient to use with metal speaker surface mesh, high frequency blanket for clear and balanced sound playback over a wide area.

- True and clear sound, exclusive technology from Euroshine

- Easy to connect with other devices

Loa âm trần EuroShine CSL-611K và CSL-611TKS: Thông số kỹ thuật

 Input: 100V

- Power: 30W

- Frequency response: 90-20KHZ

Sensitivity: 88 +/- 2dB

- Size: (MM): 230 × 150

Dimensions for ceiling mounting holes: 200

- Weight: 2.2kg

- Finished ceiling speaker product OBT-611: ABS off-white, aluminum, off-white, paint

- Built-in speaker: Clamping method

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